About Us

Welcome to Henna Mehndi Designs Website – Fill your hands with the Color of Nature.

Who we are:

We are the people who draw designs out of our own imaginations in an Mehndi Artwork Sheet and display our own artwork through this website.

What we do:

We observed many websites which has Mehndi designs, display pictures of the real hands which might be less understandable for people applying henna in their hands.

To make this problem fix HennaMehndi.in has brought a method of drawing the Mehndi designs in an artwork sheet, so that the image produced is clear and understandable by everyone. We use Gel / Microtip pens which makes the very minute design in the paper looks clear and visible. This website helps you to make a clear and fantastic designs out of your imagination.

Also we conduct Mehndi Competition where you as an individual can participate by downloading our artwork and make your awesome design and send it to us. For more information and guidelines check out our Mehndi Competition Page. As of now we are distributing the Artwork sheet to the best colleges in Chennai, India.

If you have any Comments or Suggestions please send it to us.

So why not you try out our Mehndi Designs and create your own.

Mehndi is an art,
That colors our body part.
Draw designs and practice,
Then become an artist.
Mehndi is a passion,
Draw designs of fashion.
Use your Logic,
To make your designs look Magic.
For all your action,
There is always a reaction.
Talent is hidden in you,
Success is hidden in you,
To reach it, all you need to do is visit hennamehndi.in and share your ideas within.